Riding the Rails: America’s Northeast Corridor

The great thing about the Northeast Corridor of the United States is how easy it is getting around without a car. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. rank amongst the most ped-friendly cities in the country. And I’m seeing them all by Amtrak.

Who says a road trip can’t be by train?

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll do my best to fill into some giant shoes just left behind by Digital Nomad Andrew Evans, who recently set off to take some well-deserved home time and start his next book. I regularly appear on the Intelligent Travel blog, and I’m still here to observe things, if possible, in the most unique ways.

For the trip, I aim to uncover an aspect or two of each city that may (or may not) be known to most locals, much less outsiders. It’s all fun stuff pretty much anyone can do: biking from Boston to swim in Walden Pond, watching Broadway theater stars playing softball in Central Park, reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” in front of the actual “raven,” and getting a library card at the Library of Congress. For starters.

Follow along on this blog, and also on my Twitter or Instagram accounts where I’ll share discoveries, funny quotes I hear, and perhaps a shot of a tri-cornered hat or two in real time.


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