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Video: Where’s Andrew? Leaving D.C.

Yesterday, our intrepid global nomad Andrew Evans set off for his next journey. He’s been flying in the hours since, but here’s a quick glimpse at his departure. Check out for clues about where he’s headed — the first clue is revealed tomorrow at 10 a.m. [Where’s Andrew?]

Where’s Andrew? Basic Instructions

Last month we introduced you to Where’s Andrew?, my next adventure for National Geographic Traveler. As I get ready to leave next week, I thought I would fill you in on the basics of how my trip will work: One new photo clue and caption will be posted every weekday (Monday-Friday) on the  National Geographic…

Where’s Andrew?: FIELD TRIP

Our intrepid global nomad Andrew Evans is gearing up for his next big trip…but where exactly is still under wraps. Today he visits the National Geographic Maps division to pick up some maps for his journey. I love maps. For me, maps are the seeds of good travel and it’s how I begin all my…